Dr Bob's Death Valley Motorcycle Ride

May 2003 -- I rode from Encino to Death Valley, spending one night at Stovepipe Wells in the valley. It was just a two day trip. Death Valley was only 300 miles away from our home in Encino, so it was an easy ride up. The ride back took much more time, that's when I did all the riding in the valley. I left Death Valley to the south, to Baker and then back to Encino.


Stovepipe Wells


The dunes near Stovepipe Wells


Scenes in the valley


When early visitors arrived in Death Valley, they came from the east into the valley and were astounded at how hot it was.

They gave this entrance a name.

This was their view as they descended into the valley. You can see Badwater Basin far ahead.


Flowers in the valley


About 5,500 feet high at Dantes View.

You can see Badwater below.


Higher elevation flowers

Heading back to lower elevation, and then leaving the valley heading south.