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Slides 1 / 2 - Darryl having fun with what I remember as a Jumping Jack, although I cannot find anything on the Internet about it, there is a Bumper Jumper which is similar; Slide 3 - Behind the house at 5 Shagbark Lane; Slides 5 / 7 - Darryl; Slide 8 - Martha with Darryl; Slides 9 / 14 - Darryl and Lotte and Blackie, Lotte and Blackie really would like a bite of Darryl's cookie; Slides 15 / 17 - Darryl; Slides 18 / 19 - Pin Oak at 5 Shagbark Lane; Slides 20 / 21 - Darryl; Slides 22 / 31 - Our guests Rick Castle and wife and puppy; Slide 32 - Darryl and Lotte; Slides 33 / 37 - Lotte and Rick's puppy.