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22 May 2015, 11:00 PM CT, Memphis, TN

I'm back. I have more pictures today, some of them are here for certain people. Since I mentioned it, let me give the first example.

This picture is for Cees.

The signifigance is that this railroad crossing has no gate barrier and no flashing lights. Cees is one of my email biker friends and lives in Holland. He once asked me if it was possible that there could be such a railroad crossing in the United States. The answer is yes, and there are many of them. Seems to me that a Yield sign is a bit of an understatement. Would you not yield to a steaming locomotive? Notice also that this is another example of some yahoo parking his bike in the middle of the road to get a picture.

Today was a delightful day. Sunny all day long. Temperatures in the low 50s to start the day, in the 60s by late morning, and about 70 to end the day. I was on 2-lane roads most of the day, some of them county roads. Here's an example.

There's that yahoo again.

How did I find these roads? I told Gladys to keep me off Interstates, and take the shortest route. That meant lots of turns, probably averaging once every five miles. Also, I wanted a "straight line" route from Selma to Memphis. But, I violated that a bit after lunch. I had lunch in Columbus, Mississippi. I looked at the map on my iPhone and saw that Tupelo was not on that straight line, maybe 30 miles north, so I headed to Tupelo. Why Tupelo?

So, that dinky little house was the birthplace of the King.

That house is about the size of the house I was born in. So how come I can't sing?

The next picture is for my brother Larry. He likes classic cars, and even has some. This was Elvis' first car, I believe.

I left Tupelo and soon passed under the Natchez Trace.

Those of you who have read my travelogues will know that I did my Natchez Trace Ride in 2011. Hanna, her daughter Doris, and Doris' husband Bentley, as well as Maggie and Ripple and Bebe, joined me on the ride. While I rode the bike to Shiloh, they visited Tupelo. Since I was close to Tupelo today, I thought I would make it there myself.

After that interlude, I got back on the bike, and told Gladys to take me straight to Memphis. I did not say where in Memphis, I just said Memphis. Here's where she dropped me off. I don't know how she decided that this very spot is Memphis.

I rode the main streets, then parked the bike and walked the promenade. I was headed to a rib place.

Along that promenade is a sign.

Now I would not have put those pictures here, except for one thing. I was on the phone with Hanna as I walked past the sign and mentioned it to her. I said I wasn't inclined to do it, who knows about Piggly Wiggly, maybe some of you know about Piggly Wiggly, maybe you do not know about Piggly Wiggly. But Hanna said she knows about Piggly Wiggly and I should do it for her. So, Hanna, here's your Piggly Wiggly picture.

Did I say Piggly Wiggly enough times?

I wanted Memphis sytle barbequed ribs for dinner. So I headed to Beale Street. On a corner of Beale is this place.

I'm sure you all know that B.B. King died recently. There are thousands and thousands of signatures on this memorial.

I ate across the street, still on Beale Street, at Blues City Cafe. I took a picture of my plate, but only after I had eaten the first rib to make sure it was suitable to show you. You see the picture, don't you? That means it was good.

Dean, I'm sorry to have to tell you that I did not have a chocolate shake today. I hope that first one lasts you a long time.

I picked up 357.6 miles today, 1,051.8 so far. I am running about 200 miles behind my tentative plan. And it was all because of that four hour problem on I-10.

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