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26 May 2015, 11:00 PM ET, Flint, MI

Let me start by giving you a picture I took a couple of days ago, but did not include. My brother Larry said that I am really missing a significant part of the history of Indiana and its first Capitol by not telling you this. The tree in this picture was quite important.

When the Indiana Constitution was being written, there was a sweltering heat wave, and the 43 delegates moved outside and continued working under this enormous elm tree. The tree died many years later of Dutch Elm disease, but its trunk was preserved as this monument. You can see the trunk inside the brick framework.

Today I passed through Columbus, Ohio, a Capitol City! One that I have not visited in the past on my motorcycle. So, I have to take a picture.

I now have 43 of the Lower 48 photographed on a motorcycle ride. I will get two more on this ride, leaving only three to be done, probably next year.

Yesterday I told you I would be in Flint, Michigan tonight. I have a number of relatives in Flint. They were all from southeastern Kentucky, a coal mining area, and they moved to Michigan, begining in 1953, to be part of the booming automobile industry.

On the left is my cousin Jerry and on the right is my cousin Frank. They are first cousins, I am their first cousin once removed.

My father also was among those leaving the coal mines of southeastern Kentucky, our family moved to southeastern Indiana in 1946.

Today I rode 308.6 miles, I have gone more than 2,000 miles now, the total is 2,102.3.

Tomorrow I will visit another Capitol City, then I will have only four left to get all of the Lower 48.

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