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7 June 2015, 10:00 PM CT, Alexandria LA

Can you tell me what is wrong with this picture?

If you know a Harley dashboard, you will know that the engine is revving at 1000 RPM. You will also know that the Ignition is turned OFF. Makes for a mighty quiet exhaust note.

Last night I told you that the mileage display on the bike was dark, not realizing at the time that the speedometer and tachometer were dead also. It turns out that there were some other problems, but all contained on the speedometer and tachometer. The speedometer always reads 0. The tach always reads 1000. The lights in the speedometer and tachometer window do not work (things like cruise control on, in 6th gear, low gas, and another thing or two that I don't remember at the moment). Plus the odometer does not work. Everything else seems to be OK. The other gages work, the bike works. So I rode today without any of those things. I knew my speed from Gladys (my GPS). I started the day by going to a Harley dealer about 50 or so miles to the east of me. On the Harley site on the Internet it said it was open on Sunday. Not the case. After I got there and they were closed, I called and sure enough, the recording said they were closed on Sunday. My next choice was another 60 or so miles further east. I called them, they were open, but absolutely nobody from service.

I made my way further east and south, I am in Alexandria, Louisiana. There is a Harley dealer here, and they are open on Monday, including service, at least the sign on the door says so. I rode past there just to check where it is. I will call them first thing tomorrow morning to see if they can take care of the problem for me.

My estimate for today's miles is 290.

A few minutes after I left my motel this morning, I saw a creature in the road that seemed to be in no rush to get off the road, and I was afraid he would get run over, so I brought my bike to a rapid stop, on the shoulder this time, and walked back to give him some assistance.

I carried him into the grass a few feet off the road, and pointed away from the road. Hopefully that's where he wanted to be and he didn't go back on the road afer I left.

I tried to find some spots that show what eastern Texas looks like.

These cows are not fools, they know where it is cool.

Every one of them turned to look at me.

I have been riding only on regular roads. The road below was two-lane sometimes, four-lane sometimes, and divided sometimes. But there always seemed to be trees right up to the road on both sides.

This is the end of Texas, and the beginning of Louisiana. The state line is about where the bridge is.

I have been riding both Interstate when needed, and regular roads, but mostly regular roads. They can be US highways, state highways, and county highways, mostly US highways. I have been thinking about the difference in Interstate and non-Interstate riding. Here's how I see it. When I am on an Interstate it feels as if I need to get somewhere, when I am on non-Interstates, it feels like I am on a ride. That's a much better feeling. That's why I do these rides.

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