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7 June 2010, 8:50 PM, Charlottesville, VA

On the road again. I did 224 miles today, 2132 miles total. I headed out on I-66 to Front Royal, then south on Skyline Drive. I stopped to take a picture of the sign, which is just below. When I was ready to leave, I couldn't lift the bike off the kickstand. I had to ask some people in a car to help me lift it. That is embarrassing.

You may notice that the bike is leaning a lot to the left. The road was sloping up to the right, plus the kickstand dug into the soft asphalt. Nonetheless, I simply couldn't lift the bike off the kickstand. I was a little concerned when I parked the bike, because of the extra leaning, but I figured I could lift it when I was ready to go. I couldn't. Or, at least I did not think I could lift it without hurting my back. I have not mentioned it on this travelogue, but my back has been giving me trouble since last Tuesday afternoon. I started taking a heavy dose of Motrin (actually Advil but I always call it Motrin) Tuesday afternoon. That's the primary reason I decided to do some R&R at my son Darryl's home rather than go straight from the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Skyline Drive. I started cutting the dose Saturday night so that I am now taking one Advil three times a day. That's enough to mostly suppress the back pain that is left while not leaving me light-headed. (I took three Advils every day during my Route 66 ride, I had no back problems, I did that as a preemptive measure.)

I stopped at fewer overlooks today because I didn't want to be getting on and off the bike and endlessly lifting it off the kickstand. I do have some mountain pictures for you, they follow.

Today's tree picture.

This is Big Meadows.

I did the entire Skyline Drive, 105 miles. Then I headed east to Charlottesville to get a picture for Darryl. He is a graduate of UVA. I thought it would be nice to let him see the Lawn again, he hasn't been there for a while. Here are two shots, in opposite directions. The last time I was here I saw Virginia Governor Doug Wilder give the address at Darryl's graduation.

I was sad leaving Falls Church this morning. I am always sad when I leave there.

My consolation prize was a chocolate shake for lunch.

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