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13 May 2018, 11:59 PM MT, Twin Falls, ID

My day started with a stroll along the Strip, strolling of course on the bike. Here are some of the sights.


Caesars Palace.


Luxor, Mandalay Bay, and Delano

Leaving Las Vegas. One last look.

Care to guess how many times I have been to Las Vegas? I have not kept count but my best guess is about 40 to 50 times. My first time was about 1977 or 1978. I would go once or twice each year for conventions, primarily the National Association of Broadcasters. I went through Las Vegas returning home from my Route 66 Ride in 2008. My last time there for a convention was 2013, the Consumer Electronics Show.

This picture was taken about 100 miles north of Las Vegas

This was about 150 miles north. And I was getting cold. The temperature was dropping. You can see that the clouds have changed from none in Las Vegas to scattered 100 miles north to an overcast 150 miles north. I put on my rain jacket, which also serves as a windbreaker, it keeps me warmer.

This was about 200 miles north. It had started raining, a light rain. The elevation was much greater, about 6,000 feet at this point.

And it was even colder, I needed warmer gloves, so I changed to my winter gloves.

Finally I arrived at Ely, Nevada. I was at 7,000 feet elevation shortly before arriving in Ely. I needed a break. I considered stopping in Ely, there was a hotel. I checked my weather app and discovered that the rain I had been in would continue for at least an additional 24 hours, I would be in Ely two nights. Not acceptable! I did see that I should be out of the rain when I reach Wells, Nevada, another 120 miles north. But no hotels in Wells. I could then go 44 miles west of Wells to find one, or north 115 miles to Twin Falls, Idaho, my original plan. I decided I would go to Wells and then on to Twin Falls, where I am right now. So I pulled the cold weather liner for my summer jacket from the saddlebag and put it on. I am now wearing a short sleeve shirt, the liner, the summer jacket, and the windbreaker.

I got a few miles north and the rain was heavier. And it was colder. My dashboard thermometer said it was about 35°. My boots were getting wet, that's not good. So I pulled over and put on my gaiters. That helped in another way, it turns out. The gaiters blocked the cold wind from going up my pants legs.

After some cold miles, I arrived in Wells. The rain had stopped. The sun was shining. And you could see snow on the mountains that had fallen earlier today.

Just a few miles north of Wells, the landscape changed. It went from the desert appearance to everything being green. It reminded me of Marin County in California.

I continued on to Twin Falls, arriving before dark. I rode 537 miles today, I now have a total of 4,074. That may be more than half the ultimate total, I have estimated 8,000 miles total for this ride.

That's all Folks. Time for a little rest so I can get another Capitol tomorrow.

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