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20 May 2018, 10:30 PM CT, Salina, KS

Not much happened today except for sleeping late, getting a late start, and riding lots of miles, 431 miles, 6,482 total miles so far. I am in Kansas, I saw the sun today, I had almost forgotten what it looked like. But, to make sure I did not get used to it, it was there for only a short time. It was overcast when I left Denver. It is overcast in Salina. There is rain to the east, between Kansas City and St. Louis. I will be going through both cities, and I will stop when, or if, I run into rain. I have had enough rain. I will stop and write my daily story.

Not a lot of pictures for you. First, to show that I really did arrive in Kansas, here's the highway sign on I-70 that proves it.

I took a picture looking off the the side of the road to show you what it looks like at the border, Kansas to the left and Colorado to the right. I can't tell the difference. Sort of flat. Elevation is still high, I think it was about 4,000 feet at this point.

Here's a common sight around here. The train. You did see it didn't you. And, I guess the grain elevator is a common sight. Actually, I see more of them than trains.

Sorry, but that's it for today.

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