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16 May 2015, 11:45 PM, Indianapolis, IN

Earlier this week Hanna and Maggie and I drove my F-150 from North Palm Beach to Pikeville Kentucky. As you can read on my Intro page, we were there for a funeral. I had planned to start my Nortwest Territory Ride on May 12, but I postponed it to start on May 19. I decided to keep two engagements, however, that I had already set up for today, so we drove my F-150 on to Indianapolis. At Noon, I fulfilled my promise to buy a chocolate shake for Dean and for Phil, the two winners of my contest last year for the closest guess to the number of traffic lights on Highway US-1. Here we are, at our table at Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor and Museum in Columbus Indiana.

At the table, clockwise from the left, are my brother Johnny, my brother Larry, Dean, Phil, Gary -- a friend from my childhood days -- and me.

I have to tell you a little about Zaharakos. First off, I can highly recommend it if you are feeling a little hungry for a chocolate shake (or a banana split as brother Johnny had, or a tenderloin sandwich as I had), or whatever you find on their menu that turns you on.

Here's the front of Zaharakos on Washington Street.

This is inside the Ice Cream Parlor. You can see one of their antique mechanical musical instruments in the center at the back. And yes, it works. Phil made a video of it in action.

Here are some of the items in the Museum. Their collection includes mechanical musical instruments, fountain dispensers, and other items you would find in an ice cream parlor 100 years ago.

I wish to express thanks to Ken for giving us a tour of the upstairs portion of the building, the living quarters of the Zaharakos family back in the old days.

This was the family's dining room.

Eventually it was time to part ways, and time to look over the bikes that were in attendance. It was a rainy day, so Gary and Dean had to put on their rain gear before leaving. Gary is on the left, Dean is in the middle and Phil is posing next to my F-150. You didn't think I could have a page without any bikes, did you?

My second engagement was a dinner with my family, a tradition I have maintained for several years. When I am in town, we all do our best to get together for one meal. There were 19 of us present, actually 20 if you count Maggie, our Scottie, but she had to stay in the F-150 during dinner. After dinner we gathered to get a photo of the group. You can see all of us here, except for Rick and daughter Lily who had to leave earlier.

From the left you see Kelly, Hanna, Justin, Spencer, Carolyn, Maggie, Amanda, Larry, Carson, Duncan, Stephanie, Johnny, Olivia, Karen, Jessica, me, Bonita, and Wayne.

That's it for today, over the next two days I will be driving the F-150 back to North Palm Beach, then heading out the next day, Tuesday the 19th, on my Northwest Territory Ride. Please join me then for whatever adventure comes my way.

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