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19 May 2015, North Palm Beach, FL

I have decided to delay my Northwest Territory Ride one more day. I have done too much driving (in my F-150) in the past few days, I need a day off. I will leave on my Harley Ride Glide Ultra on Wednesday the 20th of May. I think this is for real.

I drove 645 miles on Monday the 17th and 515 on Tuesday the 18th and I want to rest for a day. Plus I drove another 1,300 or so on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday last week. I think I deserve a day off.

I also am considering a small change in my Ride. I may go clockwise rather than counter-clockwise, going to Texas and Kansas first, rather than Memphis and Indianapolis first. I may not decide that until I have reached the westernmost parts of Florida on the 20th. And, the odds favor my riding through Duluth and International Falls.

So come back tomorrow and we'll talk some more.

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