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11 June 2015, 8:00 PM, North Palm Beach FL

As expected, today was my last day on the road. I don't have a lot to report today, the ride was all Interstate, on I-75 and the Florida Turnpike, and I-95.

I will do a wrap-up of my trip, my impressions, whatever occurs to me to say, but that will not be today. I expect to spend time on that tomorrow. So, come back in one more day for my last posting of this journey

I was up early this morning, I was not surprised that I woke up early. I know that riding in Florida can be affected by weather, almost on a daily basis, and that afternoons are usually worse than mornings. I knew that my ride would be about 250 miles (actually 269.5) and it would go diagonally across the state through Orlando. I checked radar, and there were storms that might affect me. I quickly took care of the things I needed to do before I could get on the road.

I was packing the bike when I heard some noise. Thunder. Here's what it looked like.

I was ready to leave less than five minutes later, but it was already raining. I left in the rain. The rain continued for fifteen to thirty minutes, I am not sure, but then it ended. It was never heavy.

Then it turned sunny for a few miles. I stopped along the road and removed the rain gear.

Then there was a cloud cover. The cloud cover was good, it kept the temperature down.

About thirty miles before reaching home, it became sunny, and hot. I was really getting hot when I reached home.

All I wanted to do was relax by the pool with Hanna and Maggie. I had been on the road for 23 days, so I was ready to just lay back and take it easy for the rest of the day.

Hanna gently told me that I might have to make some readjustments now that I am no longer on the road, like, I don't have to wear the riding suit all the time now!

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