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23 May 2012, 11:30 PM CT, Austin, TX

I made it to Austin, but no further. I rode 348 miles today, most all on two lane roads. I did some sight seeing west of Austin in an area I had read about. It was fun riding, but it produced no pictures for you. My first picture was taken shortly after leaving Sweetwater. For me it shows Texas energy, in two forms. I saw loads of windmills, but the way you are simply surrounded by windmill after windmill doesn't show up on pictures.

A view down the road in central Texas.

Mason County court house.

Cactus along the road.

More central Texas with some wildflowers in the foreground.

This should make the wildflowers easier for you to see.

And even easier.

Another easy one with a hitch hiker.

A bridge crossing the Llano River.

And the Llano River. This was a most gorgeous view. I didn't stop, got about a mile up the road, and decided to go back. I parked on the bridge to get the picture.

This picture is for Hanna.

When I reached Austin, I headed to the east of the city to find where they are building the "Circuit of the Americas", a race track that will host the US Grand Prix on November 18, 2012. I plan to go to the race with my friend Eisuke.

It's hard for me to say whether this is on schedule or not. I couldn't see any finished track. Maybe that comes last.

Looking a bit more to the right.

There was a TV station crew there taping something for the 11:00 news (KVUE-TV, Austin). They asked if they could interview me and I said sure. I watched the news tonight at 11:00 and sure enough I was on air. The subject of the segment was traffic and parking at the time of the race. The story is by Shelton Green, KVUE News, on the right and Photojournalist Dathan Hull on the left.

You can see the KVUE story by clicking here. The segment is titled "F1 Traffic Management Plan released". Click on the play button on the picture to see the segment. I am not sure where they got the idea that I was from Tampa. I was not asked any questions about traffic for the race, only questions about the race and the track.

Then I headed to downtown Austin. I parked in a tow away spot for a couple of minutes. I was not towed away. I was in the parking lot of the organization shown below. Ralph, this picture is for you.

The picture I wanted to get is of the Capitol. Remember, Austin is a capitol city.

And now I am ready to ride off into the sunset. Except I am headed east. See you tomorrow.

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