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23 July 2014, 10:15 PM ET, St Augustine, FL

I had a lot more miles today, 383, now a total of 5,626. That's the second most daily miles on this ride. So, why did I do so many miles? Simple. I wanted to reach St Augustine. My friend Jim lives in St Augustine and I wanted to have dinner with him. I probably would have stopped at about 300 miles, except for Jim.

I am back in Florida. I am getting close to home, and I expect to get home tomorrow. Although that will be the end of the ride, keep in mind that I am going to ride to Key West and back in the near future so I can have the total count of traffic lights on US1. Once I get to Key West and back, you will be able to find that on the page "Post Wrap" on the menu at the left.

I was in northern Georgia as I started riding, and was quite aware of the typical scene being trees on both sides of the road. I stopped and got this picture.

I heard some funny noise off to my right and went to investigate. Here's what I found.

A few miles further along, I saw a tall smokestack. As I got closer, it got taller, or so it seemed. I was quite impressed by its height, so I decided I had to get a picture for you.

More Georgia countryside, with trees on each side of the road.

Finally, I arrived in Florida.

Recognizing my thing about trees, I decided I had to take a picture of the first palm tree I saaw, and here it is.

I believe this is the Florida state tree, the cabbage palm. It is one of the few trees that is native to Florida. This was simply a tree by the side of the road. It is not very pretty, in fact, Jim thinks it is ugly, but it is an important tree, the first palm I saw when I got back in Florida. I had to show you, not matter how pretty or not it happened to be. Jim also thinks I should call the tree a sable palm, it seems that both names are correct.

That's it for today. Come back tomorrow and I will give you a picture of Jim, and a picture of my arrival at home.

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