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06 May 08

My trip began today. I'm off to Chicago. Hanna wished me a good trip.

About half an hour later, I was back home! I had not gotten 10 miles when I decided I was too uncomfortable and could not go 7,000 miles that way -- the bag in the back seat was too fat and it was pushing the driver's backrest forward. I removed the backrest, then using the bag as a backrest, I rode around the block to check it out, decided it was now OK, and waved goodbye to Hanna again.

I saw a bald eagle fly across the road over my head, maybe 50 feet high. Beautiful. White head. White tail. This was somewhere between Yahoo Junction and Orlando.

I picked up a bunch of Love Bugs. I would show you a picture of my teeth just before I used my Swiss Army Knife toothpick, but you might find that too gross. Instead I will show you the front of my bike when I ended the day at Valdosta, GA.

It was hot, especially from about 2 PM till 5 PM. I stopped often and drank lots of water. I had a somewhat late start because I went past the Harley dealer in Stuart to have a duplicate ignition key made, just in case I should need it. After arriving in Valdosta, I cleaned up the bike, had dinner, and updated this site.

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