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20 May 08, 7:00 PM PDT, Grand Canyon Village, AZ

Easy day today. We started the day with a group photo. Then Bob McD and I rode along the rim, taking lots of pictues. You will see some below.

Don't forget to check out the pictures from yesterday that were posted tonight.

But first, here's the group picture. Click on the picture to see the full resolution uncropped version. Or, right click, and then click "Save Target As..." to download the full resolution image. From the left, Dr Bob, JJ, Frank, Danny, Mick, Bob M, Susan, Roger, Karen, Mike W, Mike H, Kurt, Dick, Bill, Jim, and Mike G.

Here are several Grand Canyon pictures.

Rapids in the Colorado River.

Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Canyon.

Bob McD living dangerously.

Lisa and Corina.

There's that bird again!

Dr Bob and a chocolate shake.

Old Pueblo ruins inside the Grand Canyon National Park.

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