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21 May 08, 12:00 Midnight PDT, Kingman, AZ

The day was a little cool, but that's great when you are in a place where it is usually hot! It was very windy, and I got blown around quite a bit. We may have hit our highest altitude today going from Grand Canyon to Flagstaff on the scenic route. In case you cannot read the sign, it says "Elevation 8046".

This is in Williams. I suppose the establishment could be called a B&B, except it is Bed and Bakery. I understand it used to be a Brothel. So, I guess we can still call it a B&B. Kurt is looking up, I don't know if he is looking at the sign or at the lady hanging out the window.

My bike almost has 50,000 miles.

Oops, now it does.

This happened at the Monte Carlo exit off the Interstate. The only thing at the exit was the Monte Carlo Truck Service and a big gravel area where I could run a couple circles and get a picture at exactly the right moment!

I saw this dirt devil, but by the time I could get the bike off the road, it had almost gone away. It had been much more visible than this picture shows. Actually, this is not that good a picture, and normally I wouldn't include it, except there are some railroad tracks and I just had to get in the point that there are always railroad tracks beside Route 66.

This is for you old-timers.



This is the Roadkill Cafe in Seligman. Hanna and I have eaten here a few times, and stayed in the Route 66 Motel next door. I just had to call Hanna while eating lunch.

This is Bob McD in front of the Aztec Motel in Seligman.

This is a tumbling tumbleweed, tumbling because of the high winds. They were tumbling across the road, and along the road like this one. You can see this one is up in the air because of the shadow under it.

The long straight road back to Seligman.

I stopped to take a picture of the scenery which seemed more impressive to me than this picture does. But, I have to include it because it is the lead-in for the next picture.

As I was climbing back on my bike, I heard this noise getting louder, and louder. I wondered what it was as I was getting ready to lift the bike off its stand and get going. Then it suddenly hit me. It is a train! And it is very, very close. I walked to the edge of the road and there it was, down below the road. I didn't even know the tracks were there.

The bird left me alone today. Actually, I kind of miss him.

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