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5 Jun 08, 11:00 PM CDT, Elk City, OK

I was on the move today, 524 miles. There had been rain overnight in Grants, NM and dark clouds still around. The temperature was 49°F. So I started with warm layers and rain gear. I had no rain, and over three hours shed all the extra layers. I was running I-40 the entire way. This is essentially back tracking my Route 66 ride, except on the freeway rather than on Route 66. I stopped at Amarillo Harley to get a "Push to Talk" push button that somewhere went missing. I got into rain at Elk City, OK so I called it a day. I unpacked everything to make sure everything stayed dry, and everything that was packed in plastic bags was dry, but some things not in plastic bags were not dry. So, I spent some time this evening drying them out.

Oh, one other thing. While I was in Amarillo, I went to the Cadillac Ranch. I wanted to know if Danny and Jessica's artwork had survived three weeks. You can check back on 5/16 to see their artwork. At that time, I said "Jessica and Danny have added their names for posterity (or maybe just a few days)." Well, it sure wasn't three weeks. Here's what it looks like today. Somebody seems to have painted all the cars yellow, then "custom artwork" went on again. I think it was the roof of the third car from the right that Danny and Jessica painted. If you click on the picture, you will get a hi-rez version that you can examine.

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