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8 Jun 08, 10:00 PM EDT, Ocala, FL

Another brutal afternoon as far as temperature and humidity. It was in the high 90s, maybe above 100°F. With high humidity. I rode more than I thought I would, almost 500 miles, from Selma, Alabama to Ocala, Florida. While I am in Florida, I am not home yet. That should happen tomorrow.

I visited two state capitols today. First was Montgomery, Alabama. This was early morning, and the sun was in the wrong place, about as wrong as it can be for a photo. I insisted on getting the front of the Capitol, not the back. You will have to pardon the bright sun in the picture. It does show what I can do with my camera, though.

The other state capitol today was Tallahassee, Florida. This is the old Capitol, the one I remember us visiting in 1953, the year after our Route 66 vacation. The new Capitol is a high-rise office building. I won't even show it to you.

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