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10 May 2012, 10:00 PM CT, St. Louis, MO

I have made it to St. Louis. I did 295 miles today, 2,387 total so far. No chocolate shake today. I had a real lunch, with my sister Carolyn. I made the big sacrafice, we went to a real restaurant not a McDonalds for a chocolate shake. I thought I could make it up tonight, but all that was next door was a Cracker Barrel, and they don't have chocolate shakes. Guess I'll have to have two of them some other day.

Carolyn had planned to be at the dinner last night, but didn't make it. She had been in Denver with her daughter, and her car broke down about 10 miles from Denver, and it took two days to get it repaired, and thus she missed dinner. She spent last night in St. Louis, I was in Seymour, Indiana. So we met for lunch, with Carolyn heading east on US50 and me heading west on US50, and we met in Vincennes, Indiana. We could have passed right by each other in the blink of an eye, but with modern electronics and cell phones we were able to prevent that from happening. We had a very good long lunch.

I got to Vincennes first, it was a much shorter distance for me, and I managed to get some pictures before Carolyn arrived. Here's the George Rogers Clark Memorial.

And, looking in the other direction, this is the Lincoln Memorial Bridge crossing the Wabash.

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