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3 July 2014, 11:15 PM ET, Augusta, GA

I headed out from St. Augustine this morning, and immediately went to Schooner's Seafood House hoping they serve breakfast. Well, they don't. Lisa and Ralph had suggested I dine there, they say it is very good. Maybe I will find out for myself some day.

I continued to ride US1 north. When I arrived at the US1 bridge that crosses the Trout River in Jacksonville, I was unable to get on the bridge, the entry ramp was blocked. I followed detour signs, and they took me over the I95 bridge. That's not what I wanted to do. So I rode to the other end of the US1 bridge, crossed going south, then tried to figure out how to go north some other way on the same bridge. I messed around for an unreasonable amount of time, and thought I had figured out how to do it, but ended up crossing again on the I-95 bridge. At that point I gave up. I did cross the US1 bridge, but in the southbound direction, not the northbound direction. The first picture below is the US1 bridge that I crossed once heading south.

And this picture is the I95 bridge that I crossed twice heading north. These two pictures were taken from the same spot, on the north side of the Trout River, looking east at the US1 bridge and looking west at the I95 bridge.

About 3:30 PM I took a break from the heat. I stopped at a McDonalds in Baxley GA and had a tall iced tea. It was a welcome break. I checked the temperature in Baxley at that time, and it was 97°. As I was leaving, I noticed a building with a black dome, I had missed it before the break. It was the Appling County courthouse.

Not long after I left Baxley, US1 became a two-lane road. I expected that to happen at some point.

In case you have not been following east coast weather, Tropical Storm Arthur is now Hurricane Arthur. Tonight it is a Category 2 hurricane.

Looks to me like I timed my departure well. Look at the radar map below. This is from 9:25 PM this evening. That is Hurricane Arthur off the coast of North Carolina. Tonight I am where the tip of the blue arrow is. Last night I was at the tip of the lower red arrow. Tomorrow night I will be somewhere near the tip of the upper red arrow. I am in the clear between two bad weather areas. Wow.

On the other hand, it was rather hot today. It was sunny most of the time, just a few clouds giving a break from the sun every now and then. During the afternoon, the air temperature gage on the bike was a little over 100°. Do you know what that means for my shirt? Take a look at it. This was after arriving at the Best Western in Augusta, GA.

That's not tie-dyed. It is not a zebra striped shirt. It is supposed to be all black (except for the Harley logo, of course). I washed it out in the lavatory, hopefully it will be dry enough to pack tomorrow morning.

Just some numbers to wrap up. I rode 340 miles today, 584 total so far. I counted ___ traffic lights, ___ total so far. Aren't you dying to know those numbers? Maybe I will let you know how the count is going in another day or two. If you want to make a guess, do it soon. If you don't know what I am talking about, read the "Intro" and "Prep" pages from the menu on the left. The rules are simple. Guess the number and send me an email (to send me an email, you can click on "Send a message..." at the top of this page).

Don't forget to check the map ("Map" page on menu to the left) to see where I have been and where I am going. The blue bars show where I have spent nights, the big blue arrow shows where I am tonight.

That's it for tonight. Sleep tight, I know I will. It was a tiring day.

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