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19 July 2014, 8:00 PM ET, Cumberland, MD

Good evening to one and all. It is earlier than usual. I stopped riding at 4:30 because rain was beginning to fall. I rode through some light showers, then stopped. I figured I needed the rest, as well. Soon after I stopped the rain increased.

Kurt and I said our good-byes this morning after breakfast. He headed back to Syracuse, I headed to Harrisburg. I enjoyed very much riding with Kurt, and I am glad he suggested it a week ago.

Harrisburg, that is another capitol city. So, you know what that means.

The picture above is the capitol of Pennsylvania. That was from the front. I left the bike running because I was not in a legitimate parking spot. But then, it was Saturday morning. Nonetheless, I left it running for a quick getaway.

This is the back, and again, I left the bike running.

The dome is different from any other capitol building I have seen. The color. It is green. Here's a telephoto shot of the dome.

After getting these pictures, I continued south until I was in Maryland, then I headed west to my next destination. Tomorrow will be my last capitol city on this ride.

I crossed the Mason-Dixon Line today. I am in the south again.

This picture is in Maryland, shortly after I left Pennsylvania. You can see several ridges.

Today was not a hard day, 221 miles (4,491 total), I took it easy, plus I stopped early. I hope to get a good night's sleep, and be off early tomorrow. Till then, Ciao.

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