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7 July 2013, 10:30 PM CT, Nashville, TN

My ride is winding down. I can feel it. I cannot get away from that feeling. It is not a good feeling. I do want to get home. I am ready to get home. But I don't want the ride to end. But it is ending. I can feel it.

To help soothe that feeling, I have already set up the web site for my next ride, it is my US Northeast Ride. With my current ride, my US Northwest Ride, I have now been in all 50 states, and I have ridden in 38 of the 48 continental states. My US Northeast Ride will complete the 48 for riding one of my bikes.

I left the Louisville area in sunlight this morning. No rain. I did not use my rain jacket at all today. In fact, it was hot at times. I did have problems getting my boots on. I went to breakfast without the orthotics, I just couldn't get the boots on with them in the boots. After breakfast, I decided I had to do my boots correctly, so I took them off, put in the orthotics, and worked at it for about ten minutes pulling here, pulling there, and finally the boots snapped on. I thought about sleeping with them on tonight so I don't have to go through that tomorrow, but then I thought about showering, so off with the boots. Afterall, tomorrow is another day.

I picked up another 270 miles today, again below my average. I have 10,016 total miles now. I will have to pick up about 500 each day Monday and Tuesday to get home. I do need to be home by Tuesday evening. I have lots of things to get done on Wednesday and the rest of the week, and I must be home to do them.

I had a few things I wanted to do today, with pictures for you. First was Churchill Downs. You know I am a Kentuckian by birth. Because of that, I have to watch the Kentucky Derby every year. It is not by choice. Many times I have seen Churchill Downs from I-65, but this time I had to capture it for you. I went directly to Churchill Downs, told the nice guy I had to get a picture for you, and he told me he wasn't supposed to let me in, but if I parked my bike over here, and went over to that fence I could get a picture and then be on my way. Here is my picture through the fence.

And another one with more telephoto through the fence.

Here are two stables I walked past to get to the fence.

This horse watched me very carefully to make sure I did as I was told.

Then I was off on my next mission. You know I am a Kentuckian by birth. Because of that, I have to consume a large number of Mint Julips while watching the Kentucky Derby every year. It is not by choice. The bourbon is Maker's Mark. Many times I have seen a sign for the Maker's Mark distillery on I-65, but this time I had to capture it for you. Here's the most important building. This is where they make Maker's Mark. They make it by hand, not by machine. Like my boots, Lucchese, made by hand, not by machine.

Here's the entry to the building.

First they do something in these big vats.

Then they do something else in these big vats.

Then they do still something else in these big vats.

Then they age it in these barrels.

Then you can taste it.

Then you can buy some in these bottles.

That's sort of a summary of how they make Maker's Mark. I hope you understood that.

Here are a couple more pictures from the Maker's Mark distillery.

Did you remember that I am in Nashville tonight? Did you know that Nashville is a Capitol City? Here is a picture of the Tennessee Capitol. I think this may be the back of the building, but that's where the sun was shining and it looks better, so that's what you get. If you want to see the front, you can go back to my Natchez Trace pictures and find it.

As I was riding into Nashville, I thought how distinctive the skyline looks. On my way out, I decided to stop on the bridge, there is no shoulder, I stopped in a lane of traffic, and quickly took this picture. I worry that someday a policeman will not think kindly of my parking my bike in an active lane of traffic.

I am very near the Grand Old Opry tonight. So, I had one last mission for the day, to get a picture of it for you.

Some sort of photo thing was going on. Here's a better look at that.

Well, that's all folks. For tonight, anyway.

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