Robert Hopkins Publications

Speeches by Robert Hopkins

1.    HDTV Seminar for Sony Pictures, August 26, 2002.

2.    Managing Color in the Mastering Process,” ACM SIGGRAPH / SMPTE / SID Seminar on Digital Cinema, Los Angeles, California, January 19, 2002

3.    Lecture on HDTV, McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology, Los Angeles Valley College, October 17, 2001.

4.    Comments on HDTV, Panelist, DTV Summit, Washington, D. C., July 24, 2001

5.    HDTV and Hollywood,” keynote at ATSC meeting, Los Angeles, California, May 23, 2001.

6.    Digital Distribution Has Arrived. Where is Production Going?”, Keynote, Montreux 2000 World Television Forum, Montreux, Switzerland, June 2, 2000.

7.    Hopkins Top 10 Predictions,” presentation at Montreux 2000 as Chairman of HD Vision session, June, 1, 2000.

8.     Production and Post Production of HD Content for Digital Broadcasting,” NAB Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 8, 2000.

9.    Comments on DTV Programming, Panelist, Operation Digital - Going Live Session, NAB Convention, April 18, 1999.

10. What We’ve Learned from the DTV Experience,” Keynote Address, Digital Television 98, Chicago, Illinois, December 3, 1998.

11. Acceptance Speech, NAB Television Engineering Achievement Award, April 8, 1998.

12. Film and Video in the Digital Era,” SMPTE Technical Conference, Industry Luncheon, New York, New York, November 22, 1997.

13. Comments on Digital Program Production, Panelist, Paul Kagan Seminar - Digital Television Summit II, New Business Models Panel, November 13, 1997.

14. Digital HD Production and Post Production in a Film Environment,” Montreux International Television Symposium, Montreux, Switzerland, June 13, 1997.

15. Comments on HDTV,” luncheon speech, ITS lunch meeting, Los Angeles, California, May 8, 1996.

16. A Look Back, A Look Forward,” luncheon speech, IEEE 45th Annual Broadcast Symposium, Washington, D. C., September 22, 1995.

17. Overview of ATSC Standards,” EIA 7th Annual Digital Audio & Video Workshop, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 6, 1995.

18. Standards Documentation Update,” NAB Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 9, 1995.

19. Tutorial on the Grand Alliance HDTV System,” tutorial for FCC Field Operations Bureau, Washington, DC, July 27, 1994.

20. Overview of the Selection Process,” NAB Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 19, 1993.

21. Developing the Final Report and How a New Broadcast Television Standard Will Be Selected,” IEEE Broadcast Symposium, Washington, D. C., September 18, 1992.

22. HDTV - Why We Approach It Differently in the United States,” NAB Convention, April 16, 1991.

23. Advanced Television Systems Committee Status Report,” NAB Convention, April 11, 1988.

24. “Advanced Television Systems,” HDTV Workshop, NAB Convention, Dallas, Texas, March 1987.

25. “Advanced Television Systems,” Federal Communications Commission, Washington, D. C., January 6, 1987.

26. USA Position on HDTV,” FACTS Engineering Workshop, Sydney, Australia, February 5, 1986.

27. Advanced Television Systems,” Consumer Electronics Show, January 1986.

28. ORB HDTV Demonstration, Geneva, Switzerland, September 4, 1985.

29. Panel Discussion, Comments on ATSC and HDTV, Montreux, Switzerland, June, 1985.

30. Comments to EBU Technical Committee, Seville, Spain, April, 1985.

31. “Digital Signal Origination and Processing in the 525 Lines TV Standard. A Survey,” Montreux Television Symposium, Montreux, Switzerland, May 30, 1979.

32. “TV Frame Synchronizer Applications,” NAB, 1977.

Papers by Robert Hopkins

1.    What We’ve Learned from the DTV Experience,” Afterword, DTV: The Revolution in Digital Video by Jerry Whitaker, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1999, ISBN 0-07-135021-7, pp. 613-617.

2.    The United States Digital Advanced Television Broadcasting Standard,” Proceedings of SPIE Volume CR61, Standards for Electronic Imaging Technologies, Devices, and Systems, January 1996, pp. 193-216. Paper presented in San Jose, California, February 2, 1996.

3.    Digital Terrestrial HDTV for North America: The Grand Alliance HDTV System,” IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, Volume 40, Number 3, August 1994, pp. 185-198.

4.    Digital Terrestrial HDTV for North America, The Grand Alliance HDTV System”, EBU Technical Review, Number 260, Summer 1994, pp. 36-50.

5.    “TVHD Numerique Terrestre en Amerique du Nord, Le Systeme TVHD de la Grande Alliance”, UER Revue Technique, Number 260, Ete 1994, pp. 36-50.

6.    Choosing an American Digital HDTV Terrestrial Broadcasting System,” Proceedings of the IEEE, Volume 82, Number 4, April 1994 pp. 554-563.

7.    Progress on HDTV broadcasting Standards in the United States,” Signal Processing: Image Communication, Volume 5, Numbers 5-6, December 1993, pp. 355-378

8.    Digital HDTV Broadcasting,” IEEE Potentials, Volume 11, Number 3, October 1992, pp. 38-39.

9.    Digital HDTV Broadcasting,” IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, Volume 37, Number 4, December 1991, pp. 123-127.

10. Advanced Television Systems,” IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, Volume 34, Number 1, February 1988, pp. 1-15.

11. HDTV, Past and Present,” High Definition Television Applications, Session 33, IEEE Electro/87, Electronic Show and Convention, April 7-9, 1987, New York, 3 pages.

12. “Report of the Committee on New Technology,” Digital Video Volume 3, SMPTE, Papers from the 14th SMPTE Television Conference, Toronto, June 1980, pp. 22-24.

13. Anatomia de un sincronizador de cuadros de television”, Radio y Television, Volumen 16, Numero 3, Septiembre - Octubre 1979, pp. 20-28.

14. “TV Frame Synchronizer ... Versatility by Design,” RCA Broadcast News, Volume Number 162, October 1977, pp. 36-39.

Co-Authored Papers

1.    Hopkins, R. and Davies, K. P., “HDTV Emission Systems Approach in North America,” ITU Telecommunication Journal, Volume 57, Number V, May 1990, pp. 330-336.

2.    Hopkins, R. and Davies, K.P., “Mise au point de systemes d’emission de TVHD en Amerique du Nord”, Journal des Telecommunications de l’UIT, Volume 57, Number V, Mai 1990, pp. 330-336.

3.    Hopkins, R. and Davies, K. P., “Desarrollo de Sistemas de Emision de TVAD en America del Norte,” Boletin de Telecomunicaciones de la UIT, Volumen 57, Numero V, Mayo de 1990, pp. 330-336.

4.    Hopkins, R. and Davies, K. P., “Development of HDTV Emission Systems in North America,” IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, Volume 35, Number 3, September 1989, pp. 259-269.

5.    Dorsey, D. and Hopkins, R., “A China Odyssey,” RCA Engineer, Volume 19, Number 3, October November 1973, pp. 46-53.


1.    Final Technical Report,” Federal Communications Commission, Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Service, October 31, 1995, 34 pages.

2.    ATSC Digital Television Standard,” [0.44 MB] Document A/53, Advanced Television Systems Committee, September 1995, 74 pages.

3.    Guide to the Use of the ATSC Digital Television Standard,” [0.77 MB] Document A/54, Advanced Television Systems Committee, October 1995, 148 pages.

4.    ATSC Standard, Digital Audio Compression (AC-3)”, [0.49 MB] Document A/52, Advanced Television Systems Committee, December 1995, 140 pages.

5.    ATV System Recommendation,” [0.77 MB] printed in IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, Volume 39, Number 1, March 1993, pp. 2-208.

6.    “Digital Video Format for a Parallel Interface (System M/NTSC),” SMPTE Working Group on Digital Video Standards, draft July 16, 1979, 40 pages.


1.    Interview with Robert Hopkins for the Rutgers Oral History Archives by Shaun Illingworth on June 10, 2009. Permission to quote from this transcript must be obtained from the Rutgers Oral History Archives <>.

2.    Sony Pictures’ Digital HD Prescription,” interview of Dr. Robert Hopkins by Debra Kaufman, Digital Cinema Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 4, August 2001.

3.    “Sony Pictures’ HD Center, The Latest Developments,” William Kallay interview with Dr. Robert Hopkins, Sony Pictures HD Center, Widescreen Review, Volume 9, Number 8, Issue 43, November 2000, pp. 99-101.

4.    Interviews With Industry Leaders,” interview of Dr. Robert Hopkins by Dale Cripps, HDTV News Online, February 8, 2000.

5.    “Getting Down to Business with HDTV,” digital television profile with Dr. Robert Hopkins by Ken Kerschbaumer, Digital Television, Volume 2, Number 7, July 1999, pp. 28-30.

6.    “Transferring Film to HD & DVD Video, Jim Millick talks to Dr. Robert Hopkins at the Sony Pictures High Definition Center,” The Perfect Vision, Issue 24, May/June 1999, pp. 101-102.

Guest Editorials

1.    “Digital distribution has arrived. Where is production going?”, guest column, Film & Video Magazine, Volume 17, Issue 6, June 2000, page 24.

2.    “HDTV - Is it worth the trouble?”, Expert’s Corner / Vendor Views, Broadcast Engineering, Volume 41, Number 2, February 1999, page 34.

Statements to Congress

1.    Hopkins, R., Written Statement and Spoken Remarks to the U. S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Science, Research and Technology, June 23, 1988.


1.    Hopkins, Robert S. Jr., “High-Frequency Y-Parameters of the MOS Transistor,” [1.4 MB] a thesis submitted to The Graduate School of Rutgers University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, written under the direction of Professor Donald A. Molony of the Department of Electrical Engineering, New Brunswick, New Jersey, June 1970, 88 pages.

2.    Hopkins, Robert Sherman Jr., “A Theory for Negative Resistance in Semiconductors,” [0.64 MB] an essay submitted to The Graduate School of Rutgers - The State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Philosophy, written under the direction of Professor John A. Sauer of the Department of Mechanics, New Brunswick, New Jersey, May 1968, 39 pages.


1.    Television Picture Positioning Apparatus;” Gurley, Thomas M.; Hopkins, Jr., Robert S.; Fischer, Wolf-Dieter; 4,227,215; October 7, 1980.

2.    Circuit for Displaying Characters on Limited Bandwidth, Raster Scanned Display;” Hopkins, Jr., Robert S.; 4,212,008; July 8, 1980.

3.    Memory Read/Write Organization for a Television Signal Processor;” Hopkins, Jr., Robert Sherman; Banks, Arthur James; Dischert, Robert Adams; 4,109,276; August 22, 1978.

4.    Television Synchronizing Apparatus;” Dischert, Robert Adams; Banks, Arthur James; Hopkins, Jr., Robert Sherman; 4,101,926; July 18, 1978.

5.    Apparatus for Generating Sample Pulses in a Telephone Image Transmission System;” Miller, David Martin; Hopkins, Jr., Robert Sherman; 3,843,837; October 22, 1974.

6.    Video Stripper;” Cavett, John Dill; Hopkins, Jr., Robert Sherman; 3,813,488; May 28, 1974.

Company Private Reports

1.    Hopkins, R. S., “Digital TV Strategic Planning,” RCA Broadcast Systems Division, June 4, 1980, 75 pages.

2.    Hopkins, R. S. Jr. and Rudy, R. M., “Videovoice Digital Signalling System,” RCA Palm Beach Division Technical Report, PBCD-73-TR-004, November 1973, 13 pages.

3.    Hopkins, R. S. Jr., “Videovoice Resolution Capabilities, RCA Palm Beach Division Technical Report, PBCD-73-TR-003, May 1973, 11 pages.

4.    Hopkins, R. S. Jr., “Videovoice Signalling Probability,” RCA Palm Beach Division Technical Report, PBCD-73-TR-002, April 1973, 7 pages.

5.    Hopkins, R. S. and Cavett, J. D., “A System for Recording Television Pictures with Audio Tape Recorders” RCA Laboratories Technical Report, PRRL-71-TR-125, June 22, 1971, 40 pages.

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8.    “A Three Terminal Negative Resistance Device,” RCA Laboratories Technical Report, PEM‑2639, circa 1968.

9.    “Evaporated Thin Films of Indium and Antimonide for Use in Thin Films,” RCA Laboratories Technical Report, PEM-2605, circa 1965.